Sewer Inspection Software

Image a single integrated application that gives you the power to manage your wastewater resources and assets in real time. Wincan, you can coordinate team members around high efficiency workflows, leverage AI to find defects and plan rehab and visualize complex data with an easy to use, map-based interface.

Wincan Software

  • Inspecting & Coding

Gather standards- compliant data using one of 50 plus available defect catalogs(including PACP/MACO and WRc. Built-in tools streamline code lookup, feature measurement and header.

  • Mapping

Visualize asset condition system-wide, with granularity down to individual observations. Click and drag to assign work orders, track the progress of your crews, and use visualization tools like heat maps to understand where defects are clustered.

  • Scanning

If using laser profiling or side scanning, Wincan has advanced tools for viewing the data and marking up deliverables. Virtual 3D view, pipe geometry creation, feature auto-recognition and heat mapping all help you review scans efficiently and focus your attention where its needed.

  • Modeling

Using data from XYZ sensors and Wincan’s own image measurements tools, wincan can build a full model of your collections system. Extend that with geometry from laser scans pipelines with ROVVER X and manholes with Cleverscan and a digital twin of your actual infrastructure begins to emerge.

Uncover More with Wincan

  • Reporting

Although Wincan web allows all stakeholders to interact with source inspection data, sometimes the workflow requires a report. Using modifiable templates, Wincan’s reporting tools allow you to present data for quick comprehension with customized branding.

  • Planning & Budgeting

The goal of sewer inspection is to identify and address maintenance needs. Wincan’s rehab planning module compares collection system condition against cost tables for regionally available rehab methods, and then prepares a detailed rehab plan and budget saving you days of analysis and guesswork.

Source: WINCAN

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