Are sewer pipes in your community neglected due to hard to reach manholes?

Sewer Equipment Easement machine maybe a valuable asset to your fleet. Three models are offered. The models are the JAJ-600WH extendable rubber track, JAJ-600Sk skid mounted and JAJ-E battery powered, units extend the reach of your sewer jetting truck or trailer by 500 feet or more and reduce sewer overflows by easing maintenance task.


There are several benefits to using easement machines along with other sewer equipment. Here are several advantages:

  • Driven by a V-twin Honda engine
  • Eliminates drive chains and sprockets
  • Provides a clean and quiet operation
  • Avoids obstacles that lead to drive units spinning
  • Effective traction
  • Skid steering with dual joystick controls
  • 180-degree rotating safety hose reel
  • 5 GPM/10 GPM hydraulic tool circuit


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