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Envirosight Products

Envirosight Sewer Inspection Products

We supply the most trusted products in sewer inspection technologies. With a suite of Envirosight products in your toolbox, you can create a comprehensive understanding of your collection system condition and be proactive about maintenance and repairs. 


Mobilizing Your Sewer Inspection Capability

We have pre-designed Preferred Build-Outs, so you can have access to the most popular configurations in less time.


Why Choose a Preferred Build-Out: 

  • Quicker Quotes: Preferred Build-Outs have established pricing, which makes the quoting and delivery process much faster. Choose between single-product options (also with established pricing) that allow some customization.
  • Cost & Delivery: We specialize in Preferred Build-Outs, so we can build your order efficiently and to your needs.
  • Industry-Standard Quality: Preferred Build-Outs adhere to established industry preferences, so you can be confident in your purchase decision.

Cleverscan Automated Manhole Scanning

Rapid, Automated Inspection

Cleverscan Automated Manhole Scanning System initiates a complete scan sequence with a single press of a button. In 2-3 minutes, you can easily perform an automated scan, allowing you to complete a full day’s work with a single battery charge. Cleverscan uses five HD cameras, laser measurement and only requires one operator for deployment.


  • Flat scan image that captures a detailed view of the manhole wall
  • Dense point cloud for 3D visualization and CAD
  • Virtual environment for offline pan/tilt navigation

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Verisight Smart Push Cameras

Rugged, Digital Drain Inspection

Verisight Pro allows you to inspect drain pipes and laterals, document your findings and generate reports for on-site delivery. Verisight Pro’s high-resolution PAL imager, self-leveling axial camera, LEDs and digital zoom allows you to quickly diagnose and troubleshoot drain problems.


  • Capture up to 90 hours of video and images
  • Offload inspections via USB drive or SD card
  • Organize stored footage using built-in library
  • Add text overlay with custom data, live distance



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Jetscan Wireless HD Video Camera

Jet Smarter, and With More Clarity

The Jetscan allows you to clearly see what you’re jetting so you can work smarter and more efficiently. The SewerLink app (included) lets you view, record and upload footage directly to WinCan Web for easy sharing and analysis. The Jetscan is also incredibly versatile, with quick-change sleds, self-leveling skid, and a welded, stainless, sealed and pressurized design.


  • Document cleaning success with before/after footage
  • Discover offsets, collapses, infiltration and other problems, no crawler needed
  • Identify collapses, protruding taps, root balls and anything else that could damage the nozzle
  • Determine source of problems on a call-out, and who is responsible
  • Instantly view pipe maintenance and structural conditions without a CCTV crew
  • Identify whether a clog is gravel, grease, mud, roots or sludge for easier nozzle selection
  • Confirm absence of cross bores before mechanical root cutting



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Rovver X

Safe, Easy & Advanced Sewer Inspection Crawler

ROVVER X allows you to do everything: control inspections, view and record digital video, log observations, generate reports, and link directly to asset-management software. ROVVER X also uses CANbus, the same control architecture found in modern automobiles, giving it capabilities you simply won’t find anywhere else.

With ROVVER X, you can steer while tilting the camera and raising the lift, view status from dozens of onboard sensors, and access lifetime operating history. The system also auto-updates, so you always have support from the latest features.


  • Steerable 6-wheel drive easily maneuvers past obstacles
  • Modular design adapts to pipe of any size, condition and material
  • Compact system footprint can be deployed from any size vehicle
  • Digital controls automatically update to the latest features and support self-diagnostics
  • Scalable design supports lateral launch, side-scanning and laser profiling
  • WinCan VX included with every system purchase

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Quickview Wireless HD Pole Camera

An Instant, Wireless HD View Into Any Sewer

Understand sewer condition rapidly and affordably with the Quickview Wireless HD Pole zoom camera. Using high-powered zoom optics, Quickview assesses sewer lines from an adjoining manhole, and also inspects manholes and tanks.

The new Quickview airHD is the only zoom survey camera to offer features like remote tilt adjustment, HD video, wireless design, touchscreen tablet control, in-manhole view centering and hands-free stabilization. These features boost your productivity, diagnostic detail and overall safety. 


  • Diagnose emergency call-outs
  • Avoid confined space entry
  • Conserve CCTV resources
  • Perform a rapid, system-wide assessment
  • Prioritize  CCTV, cleaning and rehab activities
  • View pipes too deteriorated for a crawler


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ROVVER X-SAT Later Launch System

The RVX-SAT Lateral Launch lets you inspect laterals from a mainline, ideal for finding dangerous gas line cross bores and illicit flows. The system integrates with your existing ROVVER X system components, reducing cost and equipment clutter. Best of all, RVX-SAT gives you the range and articulation to inspect where other lateral launch systems can’t.

ROVVER X SAT is the only lateral launch technology that can be added on to a traditional crawler, CCTV crawler. You can reduce your investment and still perform CCTV and lateral launch inspection using the same ROVVER X system.

  • Auto-upright camera pans and tilts to capture superior detail
  • Twin LED lamp arrays and a sonde transmitter
  • Axial camera is available


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WinCan Sewer Inspection and Assessment Software

WinCan simplifies the process of collecting detailed inspection data. With over 8,500 licenses worldwide, WinCan’s standards-compliant software has become the industry leader in sewer inspection software. 


  • Identifies trends and hotspots
  • Forecasts budgets 
  • Prioritizes maintenance
  • Visualized data for clearer insights

Wincan is most often purchased with RovverX systems, Cleverscan and Verisight.


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