Do you know the proper way to enter a confined space? First of all, safety is the number one priority. Learning the right way to enter a confined space will allow you to always stay safe and protected. There are about 50 deaths and 532 serious injuries per year while performing an entry on a confined space. Therefore, make sure to adhere to these guidelines.

Never Enter a Confined Space Without

  • Permit-Required Confined Space Certified Training (PRCS)
  • A Confined Space Permit from your supervisor
  • A Complete Assessment of all Hazards
  • Proper Evacuation Procedure & Equipment
  • Proper Monitoring & Purging Equipment
  • An attendant Above Ground

Guidelines to a Successful Entry

1.Obtain a Permit and Obey it

A confined space permit needs to be obtained from your supervisor. It informs you what dangers to check for and what safety protocols to follow.

2. Never Enter Unattended

Post an attendant above ground to observe, communicate and stand ready to respond.

3. Use the Right Equipment

In addition to standard safety gear like eye protection, hard hat, steel-toed boots & gloves, be sure to use:

Ventilator fan & Duct, Winch & Harness, Two-way radio, Backup Respirator, & Gas monitor.

4.Test Gas Concentrations Before Entry

Denser gases sink so test at bottom of manhole. Monitor gas concentrations continuously. Always wear a personal gas monitor. 

5. Beware of Engulfment

Never enter deteriorated structures or cavities with high flow or loose soil.

Avoid Confined Spaces with Video Sewer Inspection

Source: Envirosight

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