Have questions ready to go?

When it comes to purchasing new inspection equipment, as the buyer you must be prepared and knowledgeable of the equipment you are purchasing. Therefore, researching the inspection equipment it’s a must. Pictures and information might see perfect for the job, how can, you be sure. With the opportunity to demo, the inspection equipment in question, as the buyer you can see up close what this equipment is capable of doing.

Do Your Research

On the day of the demo, be ready to ask questions.

Narrow down the selection by asking yourself:

Does this equipment fulfill my day-to day inspection needs?

Will this equipment evolve as my inspection needs and goals evolve?

What value does this equipment bring to my team?

What kind of service and support comes with this equipment?

Do your homework by researching the ideal inspection equipment and explore available options.

Come Prepared

Be ready with questions as soon as the salesperson show up. Have specific questions ready to go.

Communicate with Salesperson ahead of time about what they need for presentation.

Request a field demo to see the equipment operating looks like.

Don’t go alone

Investing in new equipment is big financial decision. Include team members in the demo provides a variety of viewpoints you can consider before making your final decision.

Don’t be afraid to get hands-on with the equipment. Take photos or videos during the product walkaround for reference later.

Source: How to get the Most out of an Equipment Demo

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