Model 900 Eco Combination Sewer Cleaner Truck is the best innovation yet, unequaled in the combo jet vac truck industry. This unit is safe, simple and reliable.


 With no engagement process in the cab and only four primary switches at the operator’s station, no other truck compares in simplicity. Operators can use the work mode, blower, water and throttle switches to get the job done.


Hydro Drive system allows the truck to operate in neutral when in work mode. This is the only single-engine truck on the market to do so. The unit does not have a transfer case, the operator can rest assured that the truck will not be dangerous to the operator while in neutral. Additionally, safety features is the lack of digital screens. Screens often force operators to take their eyes off their surroundings while operating mainly when dealing with the suns glare on the screen.


 Model 900 Combination Sewer Cleaner Truck allows recirculation at any speed, so it can recirculate as the truck is driving down the highway. The exclusive duraprolene copolymer water tanks are fully baffled. 100% immune to corrosion and UV-stabilized.

Automatic Levelwind with Hydraulic Up/Down Action

  Offers an automatic levelwind with hydraulic up & down action. This feature automatically guides the hose on the reel when retrieving, allowing the operator to keep their eyes on the manhole and surrounding traffic. The exclusive up/down action enables raising or lowering the roller head to avoid damaging the hose on the manhole casting or obstacles such as guardrails in easement situations.

Water Pumps

The 900-Eco is the only combination truck on the market offering triplex and single-piston pump options.  Those used to the excessive pulsation of traditional single-piston pumps will be pleased to know that the single-piston pump runs smoothly. It runs smoothly even below 1000PSI when the accumulator is enabled. Faced with a blockage or other obstacle, deactivating the accumulator by shifting one manual ball valve will introduce the pulsation typical of other single-piston pumps.

No Washdown Gun Necessary for End of Day Cleanup

Cleanup is simple and safe with an 80GPM debris tank flush that directs water at the entire rear door. In most instances, the operator never needs to manually rinse the tank and door seal with the washdown gun. This helps to keep them away from a potential pinch point.

Source: Sewer Equipment Combination 900 Eco Cleaner Truck

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