Sewers are Unforgiving

  • Range: Crawl as far as 1640’
  • Agile: Steerable 6-wheel drive maneuvers past obstacles
  • Versatile: Adapt to inspect lines 6” to 96” in diameter
  • Smart: Operate, measure and code on a touchscreen interface
  • Scalable: Perform side-scanning, laser profiling, and lateral launch
  • Efficient: Maximize your uptime, productivity and return-on-investment

Ready for Anything

Whatever an inspection throws your way, ROVVER X easily adapts to take it on. No tools needed to change the wheels. There are 12 quick-change sizes and treads depending on the pipeline and terrain. Rovver X has accessories like lights lifts and wheel carriages. Some of the attachments that make Rovver X even more advance is lateral launch, laser profiling and side-scan.  

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