How to protect profit and budget while optimizing performance, uptime and longevity? Whether you’re a city trying to keep within a budget or a contractor seeking to maximize profitability managing the cost of your CCTV equipment is crucial to your success. Cost of ownership in the sewer inspection it often means maintenance and repair. There are simple steps to positively impact on cost of ownership.

1. Train your operators

Treat the crawler well and it well treat you well. For example, check pressure before each use, clean the crawler after each use and don’t pull or lift a crawler by its cable.

Sewer Inspection Crawler Preventative Maintenance

2. Keep your schedule maintenance appointments

Rule of thumb is about 6-8 months or operating hours 700-800 for maintenance appointment. Or if your crawler requires repeated depressurization, you are probably overdue for scheduled maintenance.

3.Invest in an Overhaul

The crawler has components that wear out at a slower rate, but those replacements can extend the service life of the crawler. The overhaul items to keep in mind to replace are side plates, wheel axles, internal connectors, idler gears, seal discs and articulation axles and windows.

4.Sign Up for a Maintenance Subscription Plan

Consider asking the manufactures about maintenance subscription. This plan can be valuable and reduce the cost of scheduled maintenance.

5.Buy for the Long Run

Consider the attributes of the crawler. The features are important. The crawler needs to suit your specific challenges and support your workflow.

6.Evaluate Service Resources and Understand your Warranty

Understand what services resources, a crawler manufacturer offers.
Ask questions as How close is the nearest authorized service facility? Does the crawler itself support remote troubleshooting? Can you train my in-house service technician?

7.Know When to Upgrade

Nothing last forever! The rule of thumb to follow when working daily shifts your crawler system should be replaced every 5-7 years. The cost of ownership on a crawler can be reduce dramatically by following this simple steps. Don’t waste more money than you need to. Be smart about your purchase and knowledgeable. A crawler can be a big expensive and even more if it’s not taken care well. U- Rock Utility Equipment Inc can guide you in purchasing the right crawler for you and maintaining it. U- Rock is here to make lifetime partnership with our customers. Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook & Instagram.

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