Rise to the Occasion

Whether you are battling high flows, deep mud or big obstacles or simply need the height and illumination to inspect pipelines as large as 10’ plus count on the RX400’s brute force to conquer the toughest jobs.

RX400 Features

  • Illuminated rear-view camera
  • Selectable 512/640 Hz sonde
  • Digisewer and laser compatibility
  • Sensors for tilt, roll, height, pressure and temp
  • 4 aimable LED tri-lamps and 2 LED path lamps
  • Rangefinders to center camera, measure diameter
  • Expansion port for elevated rear-view camera

Total Integration, Vertical Range & Extreme Capability

RX400 works with all other ROVVER X components, so upgrading your capability has never been easier and more affordable.

With its remote-operated lift, the RX400 centers camera view in lines 24-59” diameter or up to 79“diameter with optional extension accessory.

Powerful drive train and ground clearance are just the beginning—rear view camera, auxiliary lamps, laser rangefinders, sonde,

sensors and expansion port are all built in.

Source: RX 400

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