Quickview AirHD helps save money, time and manpower. Built to prioritize CCTV inspections, cleaning and rehab work, Quickview lets you survey a large number of pipes quickly so you can understand sewer condition without performing a full crawler inspection.

Quickview AirHD Easy to Use

Simply lower Quickview AirHD into manhole or structure, pushdown on the standoff and it will ratchet into place. The attachable bipod allows for hands free operation, freeing operators to focus their energy on inspecting.

Quickview AirHD Capabilities

Quickview’s patented Quad-Haloptic lights emit a powerful column of light that, when combined with the system’s 360x zoom capabilities, lets operators see up to 400’ into pipe. Quickview provides features like remote tilt adjustment, HD video, wireless design, touchscreen tablet control, in-manhole view centering and hands-free stabilization.


Quickview AirHD offers a quick, portable way to view sewer cleaning challenges like fog, debris, roots and sediment in pipes. It allows sewer crews to carry out routine cleaning more effectively and efficiently. By using Quickview AirHD, municipalities or contractors can save money, time and manpower.


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