Preventative Maintenance On Your ROVVER X Pipe Inspection Crawler

If we had to name one system of pipeline inspection equipment that makes everything about sewer inspection easier, it would be Envirosight’s ROVVER X. This pipe inspection crawler makes inspecting sewage lines safe, easy, and advanced. 

As the advanced pipeline product that can do everything, the ROVVER X allows municipalities and contractors to:

  • Control their inspections with precision
  • View and record video with a confined space inspection camera for better understanding of what’s going on internally
  • Log every observation performed so accurate records can be kept for reference of benchmark inspections
  • Generate reports that give a clear understanding of the inspection results
  • Link directly to sewer video inspection software

About Envirosight’s ROVVER X

As the system with the capabilities to do everything for sewer inspection, ROVVER X has many features and benefits that deserve to be in the spotlight.

Agile Maneuvers

The ROVVER X is one of the most capable pipe inspection crawlers with the ability to maneuver itself around many of the obstacles it’s likely to face. The crawler has proportional steering used to maximize its agility, and 6-wheel drive frame to climb over debris.

Intelligent Inspections

ROVVER X uses CANbus, a smart system found in today’s vehicles. The CANbus sewer pipe inspection software allows the crawler to easily view the status of onboard sensor history over an entire lifetime, and supports concurrent control of more than one function at a time. This means steering the crawler, tilting the camera, and raising the lift can all be done simultaneously.

Ability To Adapt

There’s no question that sewer inspections come with challenges, but the ROVVER X makes adapting to those challenges easier than ever. Its versatility allows for wheel changes in order to adapt to any sort of condition, different body sizes for addressing different sized applications, and has accessories to make inspecting a breeze.

Easy To Operate

There are a handful of things to think about when inspecting a sewer system, and Envirosight’s ROVVER X lets you focus on the most important ones. It’s easy-to-use handheld pendant gives you control of all of the crawler’s functions from any position. And its touchscreen interface allows for observations to be entered right at the tip of your fingers.

Deploys Anywhere

Getting to and from multiple job sites is easy with ROVVER X. Its adaptable, compact, three-piece layout travels easily so you can take it to and from your inspections sites. The system can also run off of an inverter, generator, or a main power line so finding power is simple.

The ROVVER X capabilities are nothing short of amazing in the eyes of municipalities and contractors. There’s no question that they want this equipment to last as long as possible, and the ROVVER X will last for 10+ years if it’s taken care of correctly. That’s why regular maintenance is highly encouraged.

How to Treat Your Crawler to Regular Equipment Maintenance

Daily Preventative Maintenance

To maintain your ROOVER X and keep it running in its very best condition for as long as possible, the following quick and simple preventative maintenance should be performed on it daily, or at least after each use. Keeping in check with your crawler will help to extend its service life, improve its reliability, and lower the cost of ownership.

1. Check For Lost Pressure

The system will need to be repressurized from time to time, that’s normal. What isn’t normal is losing pressure often. Check the ROVVER X system for warnings of lost pressure. If low pressure appears to be a common problem, this could mean there is a larger issue occurring that needs attention.

2. Clean The Cable

Using a bottle full of antibacterial spray, spray the ROVVER X cable, and clean off the cable with a towel. While running your hand and towel over the cable, simultaneously check for any tears or damage in the cable, and give anything that appears to be abnormal the attention needs.

3. Clean Off The Crawler

Your crawler has a dirty job to do, so it’s great to keep it as clean as possible. Hose down your crawler to clean off any sewer pipe debris or water residue. Once the crawler is hosed off, wipe it down until it’s completely dry, and then remove the cable.

4. Check The Connector Pin

Now that the cable is removed from the ROVVER X pipe inspection crawler, locate the connector pin. Check for any damage that may have occurred to the connector pin during your last sewer inspection.

5. Remove The Camera

Be sure to remove the camera from the crawler after each use. While detached, clean all areas of the camera including the front lens. Check all areas of the camera for any damage, and inspect the lens for scratches. The area that connects the camera to the crawler can sometimes become damp. If dampness if found, allow for the water to dry completely before reattaching the camera to the crawler.

6. Remove The Wheels

Detach all wheels form the ROVVER X and clean each wheel as well as the axle of the crawler. While the wheels are detached, clean out the rear cable connector. Be sure to look out for any type of damage on the axle and repair if necessary.

Weekly Preventative Maintenance For Your Sewer Crawler

In addition the quick 10 minute maintenance that your ROVVER X needs daily, there are a few further preventative measures that should be taken to keep the system in great shape. These steps should be performed on a weekly basis.

  1. Fully clean your quick-change wheel hubs and then lubricate them.
  2. Pull out the drip pan that sits below the system’s cable reel and clean it out.
  3. Check your ROVVER X owner’s manual for in-depth steps on how to grease the cable rim. The cable rim should be greased about every 200 hours of service.
  4. Lastly, check to make sure all components of your ROVVER X system are in the correct place. Misplaced equipment can cause unneeded frustration and prolong the job.

Keep Records Of Maintenance

Every time preventative maintenance or repairs are made on any piece of equipment, it should be logged. Envirosight offers a maintenance log to help you easily keep track of the checks and repairs performed on your ROVVER X. 

RovverX From U-Rock

The ROVVER X can do it all, certainly making the job of sewer inspections easier.

To learn more about investing in a pipe inspection crawler or renting a system for a job, give U-Rock Municipal and Contractor Equipment a call. We’re happy to demo a system for you, give you just what you need, and offer you extended information and after-sales support so you feel confident about how your new system operates.