Try Out Sewer Inspection Products With An On-Site Equipment Demonstration

You wouldn’t buy a car without driving it around the block first, and you shouldn’t invest or rent a sewer cleaning or inspection product without demoing it either. To feel confident in your investment, you have to know exactly how it works, the ins and outs of its parts, and watch it perform with your own eyes. That’s why on-site equipment demonstrations are such a crucial part of working in this industry.

Depending on the size of the equipment, the size of your system, and the problem you have occuring, there are many options for what products can help you get the job done. Calling a dealer to demo equipment and find the right product for your situation is a priority before making a renting or buying decision.

With many product options available, let’s get clear on what type of equipment to consider when it comes to demoing drain and sewer inspection equipment.

A First Look At What’s Going On Inside The Pipes

Understanding the condition of the sewer you’re working on prior to creating a plan and sending valuable equipment down into pipes should always be the first call to action on a job. Confined space inspection cameras allow you to do just that.

Starting each job with a zoom camera sewer inspection will give your team a visual understanding of what’s going on beneath the surface where no eyes can see. A zoom camera also allows access to sewer lines via manholes, meaning an assessment can be made without having to enter any of the pipes.

Quickview airHD Wireless HD Pole Camera

Envirosight’s Quickview airHD camera is the only zoom survey camera to feature remote tilt adjustments, HD video, a wireless design, and manhole view centering and hands-free stabilization. At U-Rock, we’re sure that this is a piece of equipment that will make any inspection job faster and more efficient.

Lateral Launch Crawler

Inspecting laterals from a mainline is essential for finding dangerous gas line cross bores and illicit flows. The perfect type of equipment to give you this valuable information: a lateral inspection crawler

A crawler allows your inspection team to view and record video of findings inside a sewer based on lateral launch, side-scanning, and laser profile.

Plus, many sewer inspection crawlers can be linked directly to asset-management software. With high-quality software, you’ll be able to generate reports based on those findings and strategize a cleaning plan based on the condition of the pipe. 


If we had to name a product that could do it all, it would be the ROVVER X. Envirosight’s safe, easy, and advanced ROVVER X technology lets you steer the crawler while tilting the camera and raising the lift, view the status of dozens of onboard sensors, and access a lifetime of data from operating history. 

To add even more features, Envirosight also manufactures the ROVVER X-SAT Later Launch System. This system features every system of technology that the regular ROVVER X does with added lateral launch capabilities. And U-Rock has both of these pieces of top-of-the-line CCTV sewer inspection equipment for sale.

To learn more about the ROVVER X and ROVVER X-SAT Later Launch System call U-Rock

Manhole Inspection

When it comes to manhole inspection, jobs don’t have to be complicated if you have the right equipment. Manhole inspection cameras and equipment can assist your team in performing rapid, automated manhole inspections. With the right products, you can scan manholes to help visually understand exactly what’s going on inside before sending anything down to clean or repair debri and damage.


When you’re in need of quick and easy complete scan sequence, CleverScan is your go-to. As a top automated manhole scanning system on the market, CleverScan will give you the information needed with a single press of a button—it’s that simple. In just minutes, you can scan a manhole using five HD cameras, laser measurement, and a single operator.

With a flat scan image that captures a detailed view of the manhole wall and a dense point cloud for 3D visualization and CAD, a fast and easy inspect is right at your fingertips.\

Drain Inspection

Getting a clear diagnosis for drains when a problem arises has to be a rapid effort—before matters become worse. With smart push drain cameras, diagnosing drain problems is easy. 

With digital drain pipe inspection equipment, contractors and inspectors are able to inspect drain pipes and laterals, document what their push camera found, and generate reports for next steps. 


Envirosight’s Verisight Pro+ is built for rugged drain inspection. Its high-resolution PAL imager, self-leveling axial camera, LEDs, and digital zoom allows you to get to the bottom of drain problems quickly so they can be troubleshooted before further damage occurs.

While capturing up to 90 hours of video and images, this product is made to withstand harsh conditions with 130’, 200’, and 330’ reel options available. The Verisight Pro+ is ready for any challenge and will make diagnosing any drain the easy part of the job.


Choosing the correct pipe jetting nozzle for the job is essential for efficient work without wasted time or resources. When you can see what you’re jetting while you’re jetting, the process becomes that much more productive. 

Storm sewer cleaning nozzles with a video head allows jetter operators to see inside sewer pipes during the jetting process. With a video nozzle, you can see if a clog is gravel, muc, roots, or sludge, making it possible to then choose the right nozzle to clear out the gunk. With a clear view into the jetting area, discovering the source of problems is easier than ever.


Jetting smarter starts with Envirosight’s Jetscan. Jetscan is a wireless HD video camera nozzle that is versatile, with quick-change sleds, a self-leveling skid, and a welded, stainless, pressurized design.

This HD video nozzle can discover any offset, collapse, or infiltration going on inside a pipe without having to call in a crawler. Plus, it also comes fully equipped to use with the SewerLink app that lets you view, record, and upload footage to the Wincan VX software giving the ability to share, analyze, and store for your records. 

Deciding To Rent Or Buy Pipeline Inspection Equipment

Now that you know what type of equipment you need to get a job done right, now comes the decision of whether to buy equipment or look for an inspection equipment rental. 

When it comes time to make a buying or renting decision after an on-site equipment demonstration, consider the following benefits of each:

The Benefits of An Inspection Equipment Rental

Renting is a great option when equipment is needed on a per-job basis. Short-term equipment rentals have many benefits, including a cut in costs and greater productivity. Additional benefits include:

  • Renting can give new companies or contractors expanded capabilities because of the ability to offer a wide variety of services without having to invest a large chunk of money in new equipment.
  • When renting sewer inspection equipment, you’ll always have the latest technology and newest models at your fingertips.
  • Depending on the season, you may only need certain pieces of equipment while off-season products sit in storage not being used. Renting give contractors the flexibility to only keep the equipment they need during certain times, saving money.
  • Rental supply companies are usually response for all maintenance and repairs of their equipment, which give takes that costly and time consuming task off of contractors’ hands.

The Benefits of Buying Pipeline Inspection Equipment

Renting equipment isn’t always the best option, especially if you’re going to need certain products long-term. The benefits of purchasing your pipeline inspection equipment include:

  • Because you have complete ownership over a product, you’ll also have complete control over that product as well. Buying equipment means that you’re able to make any alterations or adjustments necessary that could make your job more efficient or easier, something not always possible when renting.
  • When an emergency strikes, you want to have equipment on-hand and available. Buying ensures that the equipment needed for a job is available so you can hop on the job quick.
  • The tax incentives for buying equipment are greater than renting. If you own the product, you’re able to take advantage of tax deductions and write-off the depreciation of the product over its lifespan. 
  • If certain equipment is needed often, choosing to purchase it will mostly save you money in the long run. Plus, you always have the option to sell your piece of equipment in the future, making a chunk of your invested money back.

Questions To Ask Before Purchasing Pipeline Inspection Equipment

We want our customers to have confidence in knowing exactly what products they need and how those products work, that’s why we offer demos on all of our equipment as well as the best sales and after sales support you’ll find in the industry. 

Call U-Rock today to schedule an on-site equipment demonstration of any of our Harben or Envirosight products