PipeHunter has developed a reputation for building reliable, simple, and powerful equipment. Manufacturing in Texas for over 30 years they have now added a newly revamped non CDL 3-yard combo machine to their equipment line. Changes allow for increased tool storage and improve appearance. This vamped up model provides more water capacity, stainless steel water tank design and more vacuum power. With more water system options and even more hose capacity added, it makes this truck the headliner in its class, for your sewer needs.

Some of its features to this mini 3-yard combo truck includes, custom tool-box configuration, optional safety, and area lighting, 240+ HP chassis engine. 600 gallon rolled-aluminum water tank, full hydraulic reel (articulation and rotation), PTO driven pd-blower vacuum system, hydraulic rear door, and many more.

Simple Hydraulic System

Easy, convenient not overly complicated system to operate. The simplicity of this truck contributes greatly to less downtime and easy fixes. This Non-CDL mini combo saves on fuel, time and more. Get the job done faster with this amazing truck.

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