You never know what you’ll find when inspecting sewers. You can quickly adapt the ROVVER X crawler set up with a lift carriage or the new RX130L crawler with integrated lift. These accessories that quickly transform your system to inspect lines ranging from 4” to 96” in diameter. These tools are ideal when working in interceptors and trunk lines to lift the camera above high flows. Having to pull a crawler out of line just to change its height is a waste of energy and time. With the new RX130L’s integrated lift you can remotely adjust ROVVER X’s camera height. This ability to adjust remotely saves you time and makes your work more efficient. The ROVVER X’s controls also allow you to perform multiple functions at once. Now you can steer while panning the camera and adjusting the camera lift height all at the same time.

The standard RX130 crawler inspects pipes as small as relined 6″, and as large as 84″ when outfitted with a lift and wheel carriage. This integrated lift offers a vertical lift range of 7.1”. When this is not enough height a lift carriage maybe necessary. This lift carriage offers an additional 12-14” in vertical lift. ROVVER X is the only single system that allows you to inspect such a wind range of pipe sizes from as small as 4” to as large as 96” diameter. The lift carriage or RX130L crawler with integrated lift is just one more way this system is able to handle any line you need to inspect.

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