You never know what you’ll find when inspecting sewers. You can quickly adapt the ROVVER X crawler set up with the push of a button. The Rovver X quick-change wheels also known as QCD has 10 sizes and treads available. Rovver X’s quick-change design ensures you can rapidly adjust to any challenge. A full line of accessories including a camera lift, auxiliary lamps, and a lift carriage can also be installed. This can all be done without tools.

Quick-Change Design

The quick-change design means you can accomplish all your work with a single system. One system helps keep costs and overhead low while having the assurance that you can deal with any situation. Working without tools means you can be more productive at each worksite. With no tools needed you can do the work faster minimizing exposure to traffic and other safety hazards. Inspect any line from 6″ diameter up to 60″ and larger. Doesn’t matter if it’s cement, PVC, lined, clay or cast iron. To attach each wheel is pressed into a locking hub; to detach, simply press the hub to release the wheel.

Quick-Change Wheel Improvements

This QCD hub assembly allows for a more thorough cleaning in and around both the hubs and the axels. Without the need for bolts there is no risk of a wheel coming off the crawler due to under tightening. Envirosight’s new wheel geometry and tread design improves the performance of RovverX. With more surface area of the wheel making contact with the pipe RovverX has better traction. Clearance is improved when using the quick-change wheels by keeping the bottom plate of the crawer closer to the center of the pipe. This clearance allows the RovverX to drive over many obstacles without becoming stuck. For the purpose of better centering within the pipe the quick-change wheels move the crawler higher in the pipe. As a result, this higher position naturally puts the camera into the center of the pipe. The diagram above shows all of these improvements.

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